District Office

2205 Otter Point Road, Sooke BC V9Z 1J2
Phone (250) 642-1634 Fax (250) 642-0541
Municipal Office Hours:
8:30am - 4:30pm
Monday - Friday

Mayor and Council

Wendal Milne, Mayor wmilne@sooke.ca
Bev Berger, Councillor bberger@sooke.ca
Herb Haldane, Councillor hhaldane@sooke.ca
Rick Kasper, Councillor rkasper@sooke.ca
Kevin Pearson, Councillor kpearson@sooke.ca
Kerrie Reay, Councillor kreay@sooke.ca
Maja Tait, Councillor mtait@sooke.ca


Gord Howie, Chief Administrative Officer ghowie@sooke.ca
Bonnie Sprinkling, Corporate Officer bsprinkling@sooke.ca
Tina Hansen, Corporate Assistant thansen@sooke.ca

Development Services

Gerard LeBlanc, Municipal Planner gleblanc@sooke.ca
Tara Johnson, Planner II tjohnson@sooke.ca
Brian Goble, Head of Geographic Services bgoble@sooke.ca
Leah Giles, GIS Analyst / Land Records Coordinator lgiles@sooke.ca
Susan Dyble, Development Services Clerk sdyble@sooke.ca


Elisabeth Nelson, Municipal Engineer enelson@sooke.ca
Rob Howat, Approving Officer rhowat@sooke.ca
Randy Chang, Senior Engineering Technologist rchang@sooke.ca
Nikki Lewers, Land Development Technician nlewers@sooke.ca
Laura Byrne, Parks and Environmental Services Coordinator lbyrne@sooke.ca
Joyce Meija, Development Services Clerk jmeija@sooke.ca

Building Inspections

Tony Bastone, Building Official I tbastone@sooke.ca
Brad Metzger, Building Official I bmetzger@sooke.ca
Rachel Dumas, Building Clerk rdumas@sooke.ca

Finance Department

Michael Dillabaugh, Director of Finance mdillabaugh@sooke.ca
Brent Blackhall, Deputy Director of Finance bblackhall@sooke.ca
Deborah Knight, Accounting Assistant II dknight@sooke.ca
Stacey Dalep, Accounting Assistant I sdalep@sooke.ca
Mark Downton, Systems Administrator mdownton@sooke.ca

By-law Enforcement

Medea Mills, Bylaw Enforcement Officer mmills@sooke.ca


Teresa Burket, Receptionist tburket@sooke.ca
Sarah Temple, Finance and Administration Assistant stemple@sooke.ca

Fire Rescue Service

2225 Otter Point Road, 642-5422   Fax:  642-3840
Steve Sorensen, Fire Chief ssorensen@sooke.ca
Matt Barney, Training Officer mbarney@sooke.ca
Rick McLeod, Fire Inspector rmcleod@sooke.ca
Chris McCrea cmccrea@sooke.ca
Cam Norris-Jones cnorrisjones@sooke.ca
Jan Stope, General Support Clerk/Receptionist jstope@sooke.ca